Google Picasa Listening on Port 80? Aug 11 2006 12:28PM
Geoff Vass (geoff cadzow com au) (1 replies)
I'm using Picasa 2.5 Beta (32.43), and I notice from Sysinternals'
TCPVIEW app that it is listening on port 80. So I fire up the browser,
and sure enough, http://localhost returns a blank page. When I close
Picasa, the browser returns "The page cannot be displayed".

What a great idea, a user-mode graphics application listening on the
most attacked port!

Picasa 2.2 (28.20) doesn't do this.

Geoff Vass

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RE: Google Picasa Listening on Port 80? Aug 14 2006 08:47PM
Kameron Gasso (kgasso-lists visp net)


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