SQL-Ledger serious security vulnerability and workaround Aug 30 2006 03:12AM
chris metatrontech com

This post is to inform everyone that there is a serious security hole that has been discovered in SQL-Ledger involving session handling. The flaw allows anyone with network access to the server to access the application as any logged in user using trivial mechanisms. I have previously brought this flaw up with Dieter several months ago, and since it is still an issue, I have sent him a fix that a few of us have prepared. This fix was prepared by myself and Christopher Murtagh with the help of a few testers.

In the mean time, we recommend that people take the following precautions:

1) DO NOT allow unauthorized users access to the SQL-Ledger application. Use .htaccess files or network mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to the application or server.

2) If different departments require different levels of access, move departmental roles into separate applications, and enforce permissions accordingly. The different installations can access the same database, however.

Full disclosure will follow two weeks from yesterday.

Best Wishes,

Chris Travers

Metatron Technology Consulting

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