Microsoft Word 0-day Vulnerability (September) FAQ document available Sep 05 2006 12:11AM
Juha-Matti Laurio (juha-matti laurio netti fi)
New FAQ document about the recently discovered 0-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word is available.
This vulnerability has been reported especially in Office 2000 on Windows 2000 machines.
Possible other Office versions are affected as well.

This vulnerability is being exploited by Trojan from Mdropper family, but the newest information states dependencies to Mofei worm
(reported in the wild in2003 already).
Names as W32/MoFei.worm, W32.Femot.Worm etc. has been assigned.

The document entitled as Microsoft Word 0-day Vulnerability FAQ - September 2006, CVE-2006-xxxx is located at my SecuriTeam Blogs section,

The CVE name will be added to the document when it is available.

- Juha-Matti

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