OlateDownload 3.4.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities Sep 30 2006 12:33PM
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::OlateDownload 3.4.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities ::


Software : OlateDownload

Website : www.olate.co.uk

Bug Discover : Hessam-x / www.hessamx.net

I. Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability


Parameter "description_small" are not properly sanitized in "userupload.php".

This can be used to post arbitrary HTML or web script code.

II. Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities


Parameter "page" in "detailes.php" and "query" in "search.php"

is not properly sanitized before being used in SQL query.

This can be used make any SQL query by injecting arbitrary SQL code.

Attacker can be execute this url :




Hessam Salehi .Hessamx[@]Hessamx.net


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