Invision Power Board Multiple Vulnerabilities Oct 04 2006 06:58PM
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Invision Power Board Multiple Vulnerabilities
Affects: IPB <=2.1.7
Risk: High

An attack exists where an admin can be redirected and
forced to execute SQL commands through IPB's SQL

The following requirements must be met for this attack
to take place:
- The database table prefix must be known
- The admin must have access to the SQL Toolbox (any
"root admin")
- The admin must have images and referers turned on in
their browser, and their browser must follow Location
headers (default behaviour for most browsers)
- The admin must view a malicious script as an image
in their browser.

This attack works invisibly to the admin because only
the image is redirected, not the page.

1st method:
In this method, any user can force the admin to
execute SQL commands.

1. A user sets their avatar to the malicious script's
2. The admin looks up the user's account in the Admin
3. The user's avatar is shown and the admin is

2nd method:
A restricted admin can add any HTML to a forum's
description(including javascript).

1. A restricted admin adds the malicious script as an
image to a forum's description.
2. Upon going to the "Manage Forums" link in Admin CP,
an unrestricted admin will be redirected and the SQL
will be executed.

Example malicious image script:

//The member id to promote to root admin
$mid = 145;

//The database prefix (usually "ibf_")
$prefix = "ibf_";

if (preg_match('/(.*adsess=[\\w]{32})/',
$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $admin_loc) and $mid)


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