TorrentFlux User-Agent XSS Vulnerability Oct 06 2006 01:30AM
sec srasg stevenroddis com au
Name: TorrentFlux User-Agent XSS Vulnerability
Published: 2006-10-06
Critical Level: Moderate
Type: Cross-Site Scripting
Where: Remote
Status: 0-Day
Software: Torrentflux 2.1
Discoverer: Steven Roddis (http://www.stevenroddis.com.au)
I gave the authors of this product a week (more than usual) just to contact me, they have failed to do so; so I am releasing this vulnerability publicly!
Line: 325
$ip_info = $ip_resolved."
Useragent is not esacped.
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Line: 325:
$ip_info = htmlentities($ip_resolved)."

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