Utimaco Safeguard Easy vulnerability Oct 13 2006 02:49AM
boomboom999 yahoo com
Hello guys,

At this moment our company looks for a software to encrypt the whole disk drives on laptops.

I see that many companies and government institutions use Utimaco Safeguard Easy.

First, we looked at this software as well.

However, it seems that the tool that is supposed to make laptops more secure has some serious problems related to password and key distribution.

For deployement in big companies, Utimaco recommend to implement centralized management.
The management is done via CFG-files that are pushed via SMS, Active Directory or otherwise.

These CFG files contain encryption keys for hard disks and floppy, as well as user passwords and backup passwords for recovery.

The content of the file is supposedly "encrypted" as Utimaco's manual says. However, it seems that the encryption keys are hardcoded directly in the EXE file. So, they are easily recoverable and all these CFG files can be easily compromised.

I am just wondering whether it has been discussed here and someone else has seen this problem before?

I know that many government and bank institutions use this product, am I the only person to see this security whole?

Thank you


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