[KAPDA::#61] - PacPoll <= 4.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities Oct 25 2006 08:05AM
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KAPDA New advisory

Vulnerable product : PacPoll <= 4.0
Vendor: http://www.pacosdrivers.com/asp/poll/poll.asp
Vulnerability: Admin Logon bypass , SQL_Injection

Date :
Found : 2006/10/10
Vendor Contacted : N/A
Release Date : 2006/10/25

Admin Logon bypass
The vulnerability is caused due to weak authentication mechanisms to restrict access to the admin pages.
This can be exploited to bypass authentication checks by setting the "polllog" cookie parameter to "xx" when accessing the page.
Successful exploitations allows access to administrative functions without requiring knowledge of the password, but requires that the user has not modified the source code to change the cookie value.
Admin/addpoll.asp , COOKIE : polllog=xx

Input passed to the "uid" and "pwd" parameters in 'Admin/check.asp' during login isn't properly sanitised before being used in a SQL query.
This can be exploited to manipulate SQL queries by injecting arbitrary SQL code.
Username : a' or 'a'='a
Password : 1' or '1'='1

No patch`s released yet by vendor.

Original Advisory:

Credit :
FarhadKey of KAPDA
farhadkey [at} kapda <d0t> ir
Kapda - Security Science Researchers Insitute of Iran

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