Insecure storage of passwords in Axalto Protiva Oct 26 2006 02:14PM
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Insecure storage of passwords in Axalto Protiva

Critical: Less critical
Impact: Exposure of sensitive information
Where: Local system

Software: Axalto Protiva 1.1
(Note: Vendor claims that it impacts only "non-commercial" versions or whatever that means in reality.)

Description: A vulnerability has been identified in Axalto Protiva, which can be exploited by malicious, local users to gain knowledge and manipulate sensitive information.

The vulnerability is caused due to storing application passwords as plaintext in files that are by default readable by all non-privileged users:

Keystore password in
(application directory)\KeyTool\keytool.config

Keystore password and Active Directory LDAP access credentials in
(Tomcat directory)\webapps\protiva\WEB-INF\classes\authserver.config

The vulnerability has been identified in version 1.1. However, other versions may be also affected.

Set proper ACLs on the application directories. Restrict local login rights to privileged users.

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