VulnDisco Pack for Metasploit Nov 06 2006 08:54PM
Evgeny Legerov (admin gleg net)

I am glad to announce that free version of VulnDisco Pack for Metasploit 2.7 is
available for download.

This release includes the following 0day exploits:

vd_ldapinfo.pm - [0day] Query info from LDAP server
vd_xlink.pm - [0day] Omni-NFS Enterprise remote exploit
vd_openldap.pm - [0day] OpenLDAP DoS

You can download it here: http://gleg.net/downloads/VULNDISCO_META_FREE.tar.gz

For more info about VulnDisco Pack for Metasploit please visit:

Best regards,
Evgeny Legerov

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