Vikingboard (0.1.2) [ multiples vulnerability ] Nov 18 2006 04:57PM
saps audit gmail com
vendor site:http://vikingboard.com/
product:Vikingboard (0.1.2)
bug:local file include & multiples permanent xss

error sql :

xss permanent :
- in private message , an attacker can send a pm to an administrator with some javascript into the subject field an get his cookie stealed
- in the forum , an attacker can post a topic , with some javascript into the subject field , then when you get in : http://site.com/forum/
you will get your cookie stealed direcly .
those xss are a serious security issue for a forum , because they are permanent .

local file include :

also once the attacker have stoolen the cookie , then he will get admin ,
in the administration there's a local file include here :

laurent gaffié & benjamin mossé
contact: saps.audit (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]

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