New report on Teredo security Nov 29 2006 02:16AM
Jim Hoagland (jim_hoagland symantec com) (1 replies)
Hello all,

For anyone that is interested, there is a new report available about Teredo

From the abstract:
Teredo is a platform-independent protocol developed by Microsoft, which is
enabled by default in Windows Vista. Teredo provides a way for nodes
located behind an IPv4 NAT to connect to IPv6 nodes on the Internet.
However, by tunneling IPv6 traffic over IPv4 UDP through the NAT and
directly to the end node, Teredo raises some security concerns. Primary
concerns include bypassing security controls, reducing defense in depth, and
allowing unsolicited traffic. Additional security concerns associated with
the use of Teredo include the capability of remote nodes to open the NAT for
themselves, benefits to worms, ways to deny Teredo service, and the
difficulty in finding all Teredo traffic to inspect.

You can also read the blog announcing the report:

I hope you find this interesting or useful. I spent a couple months of
research exploring the topic.



Jim Hoagland, Ph.D., CISSP
Principal Security Researcher
Advanced Threats Research
Symantec Security Response

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