Linksys WIP 330 VoIP wireless phone crash from Nmap scan Dec 07 2006 12:03AM
Shawn Merdinger (shawnmer gmail com)
Vulnerability Description
The Linksys WIP 330 VoIP wireless phone will crash when a full
port-range Nmap scan is run against its IP address.

Linksys WIP 330 Firmware Version

Nmap scan command
nmap -P0 <WIP 330 ip address> -p 1-65535

The crash is only after Nmap has finished. The Nmap scan also seems to
disrupt updating of the display as the clock is not updated. The crash
appears related to PhoneCtl.exe running on the phone's Windows CE 4.2
operating system.

Screenshot of the crash: http://www.flickr.com/photos/metalmijn/295348294/

Credit for discovering this vulnerability goes to Armijn Hemel

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