[CAID 34876]: CA CleverPath Portal Session Inheritance Vulnerability Dec 21 2006 03:58AM
Williams, James K (James Williams ca com)

Title: CAID 34876: CA CleverPath Portal Session Inheritance


CA Vulnerability ID (CAID): 34876

CA Advisory Date: 2006-12-19

Discovered By: CA customer and CA Technical Support

Impact: Remote attackers can potentially gain access to a user's

Portal session.

Summary: CA CleverPath Portal and other CA solutions that embed

Portal technology contain a session verification vulnerability.

In certain multiple Portal server configurations, a user who

connects through one Portal server could conceivably inherit the

Portal session and associated security authentication of a user

running on another Portal server.

Mitigating Factors: This problem only occurs when multiple Portal

servers are sharing a common data store, and two of the Portal

servers are started at exactly the same time. Typically, customers

deploy multiple Portal servers in this type of configuration to

utilize high-availability failover and load balancing. A multi

CleverPath Portal server environment is not a default deployment,

but it is an optional post installation configuration. None of the

CA solutions that embed the Portal technology install into this

scenario, or offer a multiple Portal server environment as a

configurable option. However, it is conceivable that a

knowledgeable administrator could have modified an embedded Portal

environment to leverage multiple Portal servers.

Severity: CA has given this vulnerability a Low risk rating.

Affected Products:

CleverPath Portal r4.51

CleverPath Portal r4.7

CleverPath Portal r4.71

BrightStor Portal r11.1

CleverPath Aion BPM r10

CleverPath Aion BPM r10.1

CleverPath Aion BPM r10.2

eTrust Security Command Center r1

eTrust Security Command Center r8

Unicenter Asset and Portfolio Management r11

Unicenter Database Management Portal r11

Unicenter Database Command Center r11.1

Unicenter Enterprise Job Manager r1 SP3

Unicenter Workload Control Center r1 SP4

Unicenter Management Portal r2.0

Unicenter Management Portal r3.1

Unicenter Management Portal r11.0

Affected platforms:

All supported operating systems (Windows, Linux, and supported

UNIX platforms).

Status and Recommendation:

The most prudent course of action for affected customers is to

download and apply the corrective maintenance. If the maintenance

cannot be applied right away, CA Technical Support recommends

implementing interim operational process controls to ensure, when

multiple Portal servers are sharing a common data store, that the

server start times are duly staggered by at least one minute.

Determining if you are affected:

Affected Portal installations must meet both of the following


1) You are not at Portal maintenance version 4.71.001_179_060830

or higher. To determine your portal version:

a. Login as a Portal Administrator.

b. Choose "My Profile" from the upper right-hand portion of the

main workplace.

c. Click on the "Portal Administration" link.

d. The Portal version will be displayed in the right-hand pane

under Statistics.

2) You are running CA's Portal technology in a multi-server

environment. To determine if you are running a multi-server


a. Login as a Portal Administrator.

b. Choose "My Profile" from the upper right-hand portion of the

main workplace.

c. Click on the "Portal Administration" link.

d. If the "Jump to Portal" menu appears in the left Portal

Administration pane, you are using a multiple-server

environment. If you do not see the "Jump to Portal" section,

then Portal is not running in a multi-server environment and

is not affected by this vulnerability.

Note: refer to the SupportConnect Security Notice for additional


References (URLs may wrap):

CA SupportConnect:


CA SupportConnect security notice for this vulnerability:

Important Security Notice for CA CleverPath and Embedded Portal



Solution Document Reference APARs:

Refer to the SupportConnect Security Notice.

CA Security Advisor posting:

CA CleverPath Portal Session Inheritance Vulnerability


CAID: 34876

CAID Advisory link:


CVE Reference: CVE-2006-6641


OSVDB Reference: OSVDB-30854


Changelog for this advisory:

v1.0 - Initial Release

Customers who require additional information should contact CA

Technical Support at http://supportconnect.ca.com.

For technical questions or comments related to this advisory,

please send email to vuln (at) ca (dot) com [email concealed], or contact me directly.

If you discover a vulnerability in CA products, please report

your findings to vuln (at) ca (dot) com [email concealed], or utilize our "Submit a

Vulnerability" form.

URL: http://www3.ca.com/securityadvisor/vulninfo/submit.aspx


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Director, CA Vulnerability Research

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