AToZed Software Intraweb Component for Borland Delphi and Kylix DoS vulnerability Jan 23 2007 02:49PM
C0r3 1mp4ct (c0r31mp4ct gmail com) (1 replies)
Type: Deniel of Service
Severity: Critical
Title: AToZed Software IntraWeb Component for Borland Delphi and Kylix
DoS vulnerability
Date: January 23, 2007


A DoS vulnerability exists in the IntraWeb Component of AToZed Software.


IntraWeb is a RAD component for Borland Delphi and Kylix by AToZed Software,
which allows developers to rapidly develop webapplication.
This component is commonly used by Borland developers internationally.


DoS conditions occurs, when a specially crafted HTTP request is sent
to the webapplication.
After the request, the affected thread enters into an infinte loop, and hangs.
Under IIS 5.x, the thread will never be stopped.
Under IIS 6 the webserver automatically stops the thread after the
configured amount of time, or CPU usage.


An attack can cause the webapplication to slow down, and after more
specially crafted request, to stop processing requests.


There is no vendor supplied workaround for the problem at this time.

A possible workaround can be, to filter the request body for the
special request, and repair it.
It can be achieved, by overriding the function called
"OnBeforeDispatch" of the TIWServerController object, and repair the
request, by changing the "Request.Content" field.

Affected versions

IntraWeb 8.0 and lower versions

Vulnerability timeline

2006.08. - Vendor notified, but no answer
2007.01.23 - Vulnerability publicly available

Discovery is credited to: C0r31mp4ct

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