Re: Oracle Buffer Overflows in DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM_INTERNAL Jan 25 2007 07:23PM
Steven M. Christey (coley mitre org)

Which Oracle Vuln# does this map to?

There are 2 substantial discrepancies with the most likely candidate.

According to the Jan 2007 CPU:


the only issue related to sys.dbms_capture_adm_internal is DB09.

However, the CVSS Risk matrix says that the Integrity impact is None,
which conflicts with your assertion that arbitrary code can be
executed. At the very least, Integrity should be Partial, maybe
Partial+. (I forget why they score things "Partial+", but their CVSS
documents apparently require access to meta-Link, which is only for
"authorized Oracle customers, partners, and employees.")

Also, you report 9iR1 and 9iR2 as being affected, but the Oracle
advisory says that 9iR2 was the earliest version affected.

DB02 is related to the Change Data Capture component, but it
apparently needs different execute permissions, so it's less likely to
be the proper match for this issue.


P.S. DB09 is associated with CVE-2007-0274.

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