[OPENADS-SA-2007-002] Max Media Manager v0.1.29 and v0.3.30 vulnerability fixed Jan 26 2007 08:17AM
Matteo Beccati (php beccati com) (1 replies)

Openads security advisory OPENADS-SA-2007-002

Advisory ID: OPENADS-SA-2007-002
Date: 2007-Jan-25
Security risk: low risk
Applications affetced: Max Media Manager
Versions affected: <= Max Media Manager v0.1.29-rc and v0.3.30-alpha
Versions not affected: >= Max Media Manager v0.3.31-alpha-pr2


Vulnerability: Cross-site scripting

This is the description of the vulnerability recieved by JPCERT:

"We have confirmed that in admin-search.php, scripts included in
'keyword' parameter is shown without proper sanitization thus the
script could be executed.

However a user needs to login the system as administrator, which makes
the exploit technically difficult.

If this vulnerability is exploited, by script execution, a user's
session ID included in HTTP Cookie might be stolen. Also there's a risk
that the contents of phpAdsNew are falsified temporarily."

Note: Max Media Manager is derived from phpAdsNew and was affected by
the same vulnerability. MMM v0.3.30-alpha also has affiliate-search.php
which was vulnerable as well.

- JVN#07274813: http://jvn.jp/jp/JVN%2307274813/index.html

- If you are running v0.3.x, upgrade to v0.3.30-alpha-pr2
- If you are running v0.1.x, a patch is available here:


Contact informations

The security contact for Openads can be reached at:
<security AT openads DOT org>

Best regards
Matteo Beccati

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