Multiple vulnerabilities in phpMyVisites Feb 11 2007 11:25AM
Nicob (nicob nicob net)

Multiple vulnerabilities in phpMyVisites

Application : phpMyVisites prior to 2.2 stable
Release Date : 11 February 2007
Author : Nicob <nicob at nicob.net>

Abstract :

Several vulnerabilities were identified in phpMyVisites. This software
is "a free and powerful open source (GNU/GPL) software for websites
statistics and audience measurements" : http://www.phpmyvisites.net/

Impacted versions :

Versions 2.2 stable (released on November 10, 2006) and newer are not
impacted by these vulnerabilities.

Notes :

- only one PHP file (phpmyvisites.php) need to be remotely accessed by
visitors. A paranoid installation will allow remote access only to this
file (for example via htaccess). So my brief code audit focused on this
very file.

- external libraries (smarty, phpMailer, PEAR, ...) are embedded in any
phpMyVisites install. Some vulnerabilities in these libraries were
patched in version 2.2 stable too.

Vulnerabilities :

- "HTTP Response Splitting" via the "url" parameter (triggered when the
"pagename" parameter begins by "FILE:")

- "Cross Site Scripting" in function GetCurrentCompletePath() :


- "Local file include" via the "pmv_ck_view" cookie parameter. Part of
this cookie is used to construct a file path, which is then used in a
require() call :

if( !isset($this->file)
|| !strpos( $this->file, 'utf-8.php')
|| strpos( $this->file, '..') )
$this->file = $this->getNearestLang();
require LANGS_PATH . "/" . $this->file;

In this code, the third check is "FALSE" if the strpos() call returns
"FALSE" _or_ "0". So "../../../../../tmp/utf-8.php" would be accepted.


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