MS Interactive Training .cbo Overflow Feb 13 2007 11:04PM
Brett Moore (brett moore security-assessment com)

= MS Interactive Training .cbo Overflow
= MS Bulletin posted:
= http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS07-005.mspx
= Affected Software:
= Microsoft Windows 2000
= Microsoft Windows XP
= Microsoft Windows Server 2003
= Public disclosure on February 14, 2007

== Overview ==

When thinking about buffer overflow vulnerabilities, a file can
be as harmful as a packet. Even though past security issues have taught
us that it is unwise to use a string from a file/packet without first
checking its length, this is what happened here.

MS Interactive Training will open a file with a .cbo extension and read
in the Syllabus details.

Through the creation of a corrupt file, with a long Syllabus string it
possible to gain control of EIP and execute arbitrary code.

== Exploitation ==

Remote exploitation through Internet Explorer can be obtained through
hosting a malicious .cbo file which will be downloaded and opened

== Solutions ==

- Install the vendor supplied patch.

== Credit ==

Discovered and advised to Microsoft May, 2006 by Brett Moore of

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