INFIGO-2007-04-05: Enterprise Security Analyzer server remotebuffer overflows Apr 12 2007 09:13AM
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INFIGO IS Security Advisory #ADV-2007-04-01

Title: Enterprise Security Analyzer server remote buffer overflows
Advisory ID: INFIGO-2007-08
Date: 2007-04-05
Advisory URL: http://www.infigo.hr/en/in_focus/advisories/INFIGO-2006-08-04
Impact: Remote code execution (preauth)
Risk Level: High
Vulnerability Type: Remote
Vendors Status: Vendor contacted 8.2.2007 (first contact),
Vendor contacted 19.2.2007 (second contact),
Vendor contacted 28.3.2007 (no response)

==[ Overview

Enterprise Security Analyzer (ESA) from eIQnetworks
is a Security Information Management (SIM) solution that provides security
intelligence across the enterprise. ESA helps to simplify operations, protect
IT assets and meet compliance mandates by combining multiple functionalities
into a single solution.

==[ Vulnerability

During an audit of Enterprise Security Analyzer, multiple remote buffer
overflows have been discovered in the ESA server (TCP port 10616).
There are various stack and heap overflows in multiple ESA requests.
ESA protocol is a very simple plaintext homemade protocol where requests
are sent in the following form:

(Note: remove '[' and ']')

Ironically, Enterprise Security Analyzer is affected by various
'by the book' overflows in multiple request commands as listed below:

Request: [DELETESEARCHFOLDER&A x 40000...&]

- DELTASK heap overflow
Request: [DELTASK&A x 3000...&current&test&]

- HMGR_CHECKHOSTSCSV heap overflow
Request: [ HMGR_CHECKHOSTSCSV&A x 80000...&]

- TASKUPDATEDUSER heap overflow
Request: [TASKUPDATEDUSER&A x 60000...&test&test&]

- VERIFYUSERKEY remote memory access violation
Request: [VERIFYUSERKEY&A x 13000...&Administrator&]

- VERIFYPWD remote stack overflow (low risk - admin password needed)
Request: [VERIFYPWD&A x 6000...&admin&adminpass&]

==[ Affected Version

The vulnerability has been identified in the latest available Enterprise
Security Analyzer v2.5. Previous versions are believed to be vulnerable
as well.

==[ Fix

No patch provided.

==[ PoC Exploit

Not needed.

==[ Credits

Vulnerability discovered by Leon Juranic <leon.juranic (at) infigo (dot) hr [email concealed]>.

==[ INFIGO IS Security Contact


WWW : http://www.infigo.hr
E-mail : infocus (at) infigo (dot) hr [email concealed]

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