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Vendor: Sun Microsystems, Inc., http://www.sun.com
Affected Products: Solaris 10, Java Web Console 2.2.2 - 2.2.5
Vulnerability: Format string vulnerability

Risk: HIGH
CVE ID: CVE-2007-1681
Sun Alert ID: 102854
SUN bug ID: 6505096

Vendor communication:

2006/12/10 Initial notification of the Sun Security
2006/12/15 Sending reminder.
2006/12/15 Sun provides feedback about the further procedure.
2006/12/23 Sun confirms vulnerability and assigns bug ID.
2007/02/06 Requesting update.
2007/02/07 Sun provides feedback.
Fix for the most recent version ready.
2007/02/14 Sun informs n.runs that the fix for Sun Java Web
Console 2.2.4 has been approved and will soon be
integrated. Fixes were identified for all other
vulnerable versions.
2007/03/05 Requesting update.
2007/03/07 Sun awaits patch generation and the start of
testing cycles.
2007/03/20 Sun informs n.runs that patches will be released for
Solaris 10. Unbundled versions have to be upgraded
version 2.2.6.
2007/03/25 Requesting Sun Alert draft.
2007/03/31 Sun sends draft of Sun Alert. Patches have been
completed and the upgrade release is in work.
2007/04/14 Sun sents public disclosure date.

Systems Affected:

According to the Sun Security Coordination Team, Solaris 10 Operating
Sun Java Web Console 2.2.2, Sun Java Web Console 2.2.3, Sun Java Web Console
2.2.4 and Sun Java Web Console 2.2.5 are affected.

The existence of the vulnerability was verified by n.runs on fully-patched
installations of Solaris 10 6/06 on SPARC and x86 Platform running Sun Java
Web Console 2.2.4.


A remote exploitable format string vulnerability has been identified in the
the Sun Java Web Console [1].


The Sun Java Web Console is vulnerable to a format string vulnerability.
The root cause of the format string vulnerability lies in the logging of
logins, therefore this vulnerability is exploitable by unauthenticated

The vulnerability exists as the libc syslog function is called in
/usr/lib/libwebconsole_services.so with two (2) instead of at least three
arguments which enables an attacker to influence the message buffer.


The exploitation of this vulnerability may result in unauthorised remote
execution or cause a denial of service condition by crashing the Java Web
Console service.


Update to Sun Java Web Console 2.2.6 or later.
Patches for Solaris 10 were released by SUN Microsystems to address this
a workaround designed by Sun Microsystems is available. [2]


Vulnerability found by Frank Dick of n.runs AG.
Additional credits to Felix Lindner of Sabre Labs GmbH for supporting the
vulnerability research.


[1] http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-1985/6mhm8o5kh?a=view
[2] http://sunsolve.sun.com/search/document.do?assetkey=1-26-102854-1

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