Re: ZDI-07-020: BMC Performance Manager SNMP Command Execution Vulnerability Apr 19 2007 01:59PM
rashbi hushmail com

> BMC has provided the following statement: "[This issue] has been
> found not to be a security vulnerability; when properly
> (as described for our customers in our documentation and in our
> online knowledge base) this attack is not possible."

Anybody with some experience on BMC Patrol products know that
security levels 1 to 4 are rarely used, because of the
configuration and management overhead.

Furthermore, level 0 (the default one) isn't imho the only security
level impacted by this vulnerability (which is an anonymous r/w
access to the SNMP configuration, including full paths to
binaries), given that level 1 use anonymous SSL and that level 2
use SSL with unverified client certificate. Levels 1 and 2 will
just help an attacker to bypass your NIDS.

Interested people can have a look to the "Patrol Security User
(http://www.bmc.com/supportu/documents/73/44/17344/17344.pdf) for
additional details.

Conclusion : pconfig/xpconfig/wpconfig or any similar custom script
can be used to hack any default install of Patrol BMC but it "has
been found not to be a security vulnerability". How sad :-(


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