Security Advisory: CA CleverPath SQL Injection Apr 24 2007 04:59PM
Irene Abezgauz (irene Hacktics com)
The CA Clever Path Portal is a customizable portal for aggregation and
integration of data and applications. It is integrated into multiple CA
products including various Unicenter components. The CA CleverPath
utilizes a back end Database for storing data and allows usage of either
built in or external Database.

After identifying in CleverPath an irregular behavior when modifying
query parameters in the search mechanism, Hacktics has conducted a
research of identifying an SQL Injection vulnerability in the
implementation of the search query construction.

The Finding
By modifying certain parameters in the execute search URL, it was
possible to cause the application to send to the database queries that
are different than those originally intended by the search engine, and
as a result retrieving the entire database contents according to the
application user permissions scheme in the database.

Note: Due to the diversity of possible Database implementations for
CleverPath, the actual level of possible exploitation may vary between
different systems.

Exploit Details
Due to the complexity of the required syntax, the identified SQL
injection does not allow for trivial exploitation such as UNION SELECT.
However, data can be still retrieved using Binary Search techniques.

For detailed technical description and exploit please visit

Affected Systems
Multiple CA products and 3rd party products utilizing the CleverPath

CA Has been notified of this vulnerability on Januarty 18th, and is
releasing a patch together with the publication of the vulnerability.

Irene Abezgauz
Senior Consultant & Account Manager
Hacktics Ltd.
Mobile: +972-54-6545405
Web: http://www.hacktics.com/

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