3Com's TippingPoint Denial of Service Apr 24 2007 09:24PM
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Re: 3Com's TippingPoint Denial of Service Apr 25 2007 10:00PM
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Re: 3Com's TippingPoint Denial of Service Apr 24 2007 10:26PM
Simple Nomad (thegnome nmrc org)

> Details:
> ========
> When quickly flooded with packets destined for port 80, and an incrementing
> source port this causes the software to consume a huge amount of CPU time,
> due to a badly written loop, causing the device to stop responding.

Any more details? Have you notified the vendor? As one who has released
lame advisories in the past, I had the decency to label them as lame.
Unless you provide some details or some collaboration with TippingPoint,
I will call shenanigans.

Here is my latest lame advisory:

A series of evil packets will cause me to have remote root access to
Windows, Linux, and MacOS/X. Due to the nature of the vulnerability, I
will not be releasing any details. In fact, it is so secret even *I*
don't know the details, but I am *positive* that when I see someone else
post my work, I should get full credit, right?



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