FLEA-2007-0016-1: kernel May 08 2007 03:10PM
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Foresight Linux Essential Advisory: 2007-0016-1
Published: 2007-05-08

Rating: Minor

Updated Versions:


Previous versions of the Linux kernel are vulnerable to a local user Denial
of Service attack in which local users can trigger a kernel stack overflow using
the netlink layer, and to one remote Denial of Service attack in which if IPv6
routing has been configured, a remote user can cause the system to use all
available network bandwidth by sending a specially-crafted IPv6 packet.

In addition, several non-security issues have been resolved that caused some
systems to have difficulty booting: attempting to initialize the Intel random
number generator caused some recent systems to hang during boot, and NUMA
capability was also causing some systems to hang during boot and so has been
disabled on x86, where it is generally not needed.

A system reboot is required to resolve these issues.

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Portions Copyright 2007 rPath, Inc.
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