Computer Associates eTrust InoTask.exe Antivirus Buffer Overflow Vulnerability May 11 2007 12:26AM
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| 48Bits Advisory -=- Privilege Elevation in eTrust Antivirus Agent r8 |

Affected versions :

- eTrust Antivirus Agent r8 - http://www3.ca.com/solutions/Product.aspx?ID=156
(With INOCORE.DLL 8.0.403.0) under XPSP2 and W2KSP4)

Description :

eTrust Antivirus r8 is prone to a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability.

The Affected component is "eTrust Task service" running as a Windows service,
the executable file is located at:


eTrust Task service uses a shared file mapping named "INOQSIQSYSINFO" as an
IPC mechanism, this file mapping have a NULL security descriptor so anyone
can view/modify it. This mapping contains information about scheduled tasks,
including a field where is specified the file job´s path.

The vulnerable code is located at IN0CORE.DLL in the function QSIGetQueueID
which internally calls QSIGetQuePath passing a fixed buffer in order to
retrieve the queue path, no validation is done for the buffer size.

In order to exploit the vulnerability, malicious users can modify directly
the buffer through the file mapping with a long file path, so when InnoTask
read it the mentioned stack-based buffer overflow will be triggered.

exploit here : http://www.48bits.com/exploits/etrust.c



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