Advisory : Internet Explorer Zone Domain Specification Dos and Page suppressing. Jul 01 2007 04:53PM
Aditya K Sood (zeroknock secniche org)
Advisory : Internet Explorer Zone Domain Specification Dos and Page
Severity : Intermediate
Version : IE 6.0 - 7.0
Dated : 18 June 2007

The vulnerability is present in handling of domain names with different
parameters [ sub domains] when specified in the Intranet zone and
Restricted zone with different characters [* ,.]. TheInternet Explorer
show weird behavior in opening of those websites. The problem occurs in
loading of those websites there by resulting in DoS through the browser.
The problem occurs in resolving domain names in different zones by the
explorer. It can be launched remotely by a malicious attacker by
exploiting this vulnerable behavior through a rogue script and registry
functions. The problem persists if rogue entries or manipulated entries
are subjected into various zones.

So when a new instance of IE is loaded , the registry entries are
triggered up there by resulting in security impacts. The website page
gets suppressed. The page gets hanged for sometime , there
by showing a delay in loading of website and affects the CPU load.

Vendor Status : Reported To Microsoft Security Center.

Solution By Microsoft Security Center:
1. Avoid visiting untrusted Websites.
2. Script Restriction should be applied.

Aditya K Sood

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