Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 25 2007 06:48PM
Thor Larholm (seclists larholm com) (2 replies)
The Mozilla application platform currently has an unpatched input
validation flaw which allows you to specify arbitrary command line
arguments to any registered URL protocol handler process. Jesper
Johansson already detailed parts of this on his blog on July 20,
http://msinfluentials.com/blogs/jesper/. I wrote a vulnerability report
on July 18 together with a proof-of-concept exploit that targeted

Thunderbird was released on July 19 and incidentally fixed this
specific attack vector through its "osint" command line flag. It is now
6 days later and people should have had time to update their Thunderbird
installations, so I have decided to publish my vulnerability report
together with the exploits as they detail how to handle XPI exploitation.

The HTML version can be found at


A ZIP file with the report and the XPI exploits can be found at


Thor Larholm

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Re: Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 26 2007 01:32AM
Thor Larholm (seclists larholm com)
Re: [Full-disclosure] Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 25 2007 07:00PM
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