Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 25 2007 06:48PM
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Re: Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 26 2007 01:32AM
Thor Larholm (seclists larholm com)
Re: [Full-disclosure] Mozilla protocol abuse Jul 25 2007 07:00PM
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Does anyone know of a full list of Protocol handlers on the major browsers in a central location?

- Robert
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> The Mozilla application platform currently has an unpatched input
> validation flaw which allows you to specify arbitrary command line
> arguments to any registered URL protocol handler process. Jesper
> Johansson already detailed parts of this on his blog on July 20,
> http://msinfluentials.com/blogs/jesper/. I wrote a vulnerability report
> on July 18 together with a proof-of-concept exploit that targeted
> Thunderbird
> Thunderbird was released on July 19 and incidentally fixed this
> specific attack vector through its "osint" command line flag. It is now
> 6 days later and people should have had time to update their Thunderbird
> installations, so I have decided to publish my vulnerability report
> together with the exploits as they detail how to handle XPI exploitation.
> The HTML version can be found at
> http://larholm.com/2007/07/25/mozilla-protocol-abuse/
> A ZIP file with the report and the XPI exploits can be found at
> http://larholm.com/media/2007/7/mozillaprotocolabuse.zip
> Cheers
> Thor Larholm
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