Re: vBulletin V3.6.8 XSS Password Md5 Hash Aug 17 2007 05:23PM
scott-REMOVE vbulletin com
I can't reproduce a single one of these, I've tested on our own internal boards as well as some random customer boards just to make sure.

It looks like your trying to inject into the session hash entry but that always comes from the database.

$this->vars['sessionurl'] = 's=' . $this->vars['dbsessionhash'] . '&';
$this->vars['sessionurl_q'] = '?s=' . $this->vars['dbsessionhash'];
$this->vars['sessionurl_js'] = 's=' . $this->vars['dbsessionhash'] . '&';

dbsessionhash is a 32 varchar pulled directly from the MySQL Database.

If you have some more information feel free to contact me or open an issue in our bug tracker.

Scott MacVicar
Development Team, vBulletin

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