AIM Local File Display in Notification Window Sep 14 2007 03:51PM
shell dotshell net
Upon further exploration of our previous bug, I discovered that the
rendered HTML was even capable of displaying local files. Specifically,
<img src="C:/WINDOWS/Zapotec.bmp"> was able to display the file from the
Windows directory without question. We further experimented with this and
tried including large files from the windows directory (ex. shell32.dll)
as scripts (ex. <script src=...) in attempt to overflow the buffer.
However, these attempts yielded no success.

Discovery credited to:
Shell ( dotshell.net, shell6 (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed], shell (at) dotshell (dot) net [email concealed])
Lone (Lone-Matrix.com, Lone (at) Lone-Matrix (dot) com [email concealed])

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