file upload vulnerability in joomla media component Sep 19 2007 10:10AM
vinodsharma mmit gmail com (1 replies)
Re: file upload vulnerability in joomla media component Sep 19 2007 05:24PM
Gavin Hanover (netmunky gmail com)
so an adminstrator that already has access to create html content in
com_content, among other places, has access to upload html files named
as image files?

i would hardly call that a serious issue.

On 19 Sep 2007 10:10:34 -0000, vinodsharma.mmit (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
<vinodsharma.mmit (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> OverView:
> There is a programming flaw in com_media component of joomla content mangement system. Com_media component allows only image(.png, .jpeg, .gif) file to be uploaded to the server. but flaw is that we can upload any html files by changing it name something like example.html.png
> Affected Product: Joomla 1.0.13
> Proof of Concept:
> Below are the steps for POC:
> STEP1: first create an html file with any script
> code.
> STEP2: Login into joomla with administrator
> credentials and click on media manager
> component.
> STEP3: use the image upload utility to upload
> crafted png file with name index.html.png
> STEP4: joomla will not show any error and file is
> uploaded.
> STEP5: Then just click on that file and script
> code written in that file get executed by
> user browser
> If we change the filename in step2 with example.html then try to upload, joomla will show an error that file type is not supported.
> According to me its a serious issue in the joomla image upload alogorithm that does`nt properly validate the format of file uploaded.
> If Com_media component is accessible to any user other then above issue can be use to upload any html file remotely. i am not able to com_media component access without administartor credentials.

In God we trust,
Everyone else must have an x.509 certificate.

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