Re[2]: [Full-disclosure] URI handling woes in Acrobat Reader, Netscape, Miranda, Skype Oct 07 2007 05:58PM
Thierry Zoller (Thierry Zoller lu) (1 replies)
Dear Geo,

Thank you for the challenge, Geo. Your trying to get the discussion in
a direction that doesn't serve the purpose of the finding, nor would
it "proof" anything. I welcome your task though I'd like you to know
that I don't think I have to proof anything to you. However if you pay
enough I might invest some time ;)

Again Geo, NOBODY has said that this is a vulnerability OF IE7 ITSELF we said
the handler that IE7 installs is broken. I honestly think we have
discussed the problem itself enough, it's up to Microsoft now to
either rethink their position or just hold on to their position.

PS [1] :


Thierry Zoller
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