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Vulnerability Table

1. Firefox ParseFTPList Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
2. Zaptel SetHDLC.c Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Vulnerability Details

1. Firefox ParseFTPList Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

Firefox is prone to remote denial of service vulnerability. This
can be achieved via enticing the unaware victim to open a specially
crafted ftp server. While listing files (ParseFTPList.cpp), reading
from invalid pointer occurs that results in denial of service conditions.

004C8494 |. 8B00 |MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX]

004C8496 |. 0FBE00 |MOVSX EAX,BYTE PTR DS:[EAX]; here is the crash

In ParseFTPList.cpp 'pos' is not properly sanitized, thus
an out of
bounds array access (on line 1039; 'pos' can be greater than the
number of indices in the 'tokens' array).

The exploitation of the vulnerability has been proven using a FTP
server and a specially crafted file. Firefox failed to handle the
FTP list parsing.

Note that Firefox is not vulnerable. Special thanks to
iDefense and Mozilla community for the cooperation.

2. Zaptel SetHDLC.c Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Zaptel is prone to buffer overflow vulnerability when copying
user-supplied device name to req.ifr_name (sethdlc.c), where req is an
object of ifreq (type).

Linux supports some standard ioctls to configure network devices. They
can be used on any socket's file descriptor regardless of the family
or type. They pass an ifreq structure:

struct ifreq {
char ifr_name[IFNAMSIZ];/* Interface name */

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