Kvaliitti WebDoc 3.0 CMS SQL Injection vulnerability Dec 07 2007 07:25PM
jaakkoNOSPAM NOSPAMritke fi
Found by: Jaakko "Chrysalid" Hartikainen

1. Info

Kvaliitti WebDoc 3.0 CMS is a proprietary Finnish-made content management system developed by Kvaliitti Oy (http://www.kvaliitti.fi). It is driven by MS SQL Server and ASP.

2. Abstract

WebDoc 3.0 suffers from a flaw in input validation, which allows attackers to insert malicious SQL queries into an existing one, possibly gaining complete control over an affected system.

3. Vulnerable files & PoC:

categories.asp, subcategory.asp, document_id, cat_id

This proof of concept example exposes the internal server variable called "@@version":


4. Misc

Vendor notified: yes


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