PWDumpX v1.4 - Dumps domain password cache, LSA secrets, password hashes, and password history hashes. Jan 07 2008 07:53PM
Reed Arvin (reedarvin gmail com)
PWDumpX v1.4 now dumps domain password cache (if available), LSA
secrets, password hashes, and password history hashes (if available).


Usage: PWDumpX [-clph] <hostname | ip input file> <username> <password>

[-clpha] -- optional argument
<hostname | ip input file> -- required argument
<username> -- required argument
<password> -- required argument

-c -- Dump Password Cache
-l -- Dump LSA Secrets
-p -- Dump Password Hashes
-h -- Dump Password History Hashes

If the <username> and <password> arguments are both plus signs (+), the
existing credentials of the user running this utility will be used.

PWDumpX + +
PWDumpX administrator password

PWDumpX -lp MyWindowsMachine + +
PWDumpX -lp MyWindowsMachine administrator password

PWDumpX -clph IPInputFile.txt + +
PWDumpX -clph IPInputFile.txt administrator password

If an input list of remote systems is supplied, PWDumpX will attempt to
obtain the obtain the requested information from each remote Windows
system in a multi-threaded fashion (up to 64 systems simultaneously).


Tool location: http://reedarvin.thearvins.com/tools/PWDumpX14.zip

Source code included.

Tool homepage: http://reedarvin.thearvins.com/tools.html

Thank you,

Reed Arvin <reedarvin_at_gmail.com>

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