Re: SECURITY ADVISORY - Level Platforms, Inc. Service Center Install Data HTTP Vulnerability Feb 14 2008 09:43PM
cmiyazaki levelplatforms com
Level Platforms clarifies that this issue is an Exposure and not a Vulnerability with Managed Workplace 6.0 Service Pack 2.

The Exposure is of non-sensitive information as defined by commonly accepted security standards. I.E. The definition of the term ?sensitive? is limited to designate all those types and forms of information that, by law or regulation, require some form of protection but are outside the formal system for classifying national security information. Managed Workplace is not used by customers to process classified information and this Exposure does not reveal non-classified sensitive information.

The Exposure is eliminated in Managed Workplace 6.0 Service Pack 3. This Service Pack is currently in Beta and will be generally available within the next 20 days.

Thank you,

Paul Renaud

VP Product Operations

Level Platforms

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