TPTI-08-03: Microsoft Excel Rich Text Memory Corruption Vulnerability Mar 11 2008 09:43PM
DVLabs (dvlabs tippingpoint com)
TPTI-08-03: Microsoft Excel Rich Text Memory Corruption Vulnerability
March 11, 2008

-- CVE ID:

-- Affected Vendors:

-- Affected Products:
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Office Excel 2002
Microsoft Office Excel 2000

-- TippingPoint(TM) IPS Customer Protection:
TippingPoint IPS customers have been protected against this
vulnerability by Digital Vaccine protection filter ID 6000.
For further product information on the TippingPoint IPS, visit:


-- Vulnerability Details:
This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on
vulnerable installations of Microsoft Office Excel. Exploitation
requires that the attacker coerce the target into opening a malicious
.XLS file.

The specific flaw exists within the parsing of the BIFF file format used
by Microsoft Excel. During the processing of a malformed tag a heap
allocation can be adversely controlled. When user supplied data is
copied to a heap buffer the resulting data results in a arbitrary memory
overwrite. If successfully exploited this could lead to system
compromise under the credentials of the currently logged in user.

-- Vendor Response:
Microsoft has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More
details can be found at:


-- Disclosure Timeline:
2007-10-17 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
2008-03-11 - Coordinated public release of advisory

-- Credit:
This vulnerability was discovered by:
* Cody Pierce, TippingPoint DVLabs

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