Terracotta Personal Edition Multiple vulnerabilities Apr 01 2008 05:16AM
joseph giron13 gmail com
Its been awhile since I've posted something, so lets get to the goods.

Terracotta is a an open source CMS from http://sourceforge.net/projects/terracotta/

First up, we have Full path disclosure vulnerabilities in the GET'd variable 'File'. Specify something other than whats in the list and we get full paths and other useful information.

Next we have some nice LFI.

To LFI this code, we try the following:


The GET'd variable Current directory fails to check for other invalid input allowing us to specifiy folders outside the normal program's environment. though we can only specify folders, it will display them for us as if it were part of its normal viewing procedures.

To add insult to injury, there is another parameter present for download processing that we can manipulate to specify which file we want.


This used in conjunction with our full path disclosures allow for some directory and file probing as well as a peek at server side code.

No patch yet. Happy hunting!

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