[W01-0408] Realtek HD Audio Codec Drivers (Vista) - Local Privilege Escalation Apr 23 2008 08:16PM
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Realtek HD Audio Codec Drivers (Vista) - Local Privilege Escalation

:: Non-Technical Description

Realtek HD Audio Codec Drivers are prone to a local privilege escalation
due to insufficient validation of user-mode buffers. Successful
exploitation grants SYSTEM privileges to authenticated users, no special
privileges are required to exploit the flaw.

A malicious attacker can take advantage of these flaws to elevate
privileges in the following forms:

1. Creating, reading or writing arbitrary registry keys.
2. Overwriting arbitrary kernel addresses.

:: Files affected

RTKVHDA.sys < (32-bit) Windows Vista
RTKVHDA64.sys (signed) < (64-bit) Windows Vista

:: Credits

Vulnerability discovered and researched by Ruben Santamarta.

:: Disclosure Timeline

04/02/2008 - Realtek contacted
04/23/2008 - Flaw fixed. Public Disclosure.

:: Technical details - Original Advisory



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