Oracle Application Server 10G ORA_DAV Basic Authentication Bypass Vulnerability May 09 2008 12:49PM
Deniz Cevik (Deniz Cevik intellect com tr)

Affected Software/Device: Oracle Application Server Portal

Vulnerability: Authentication Bypass

Tested Version: 10G

Risk: Medium


Oracle Application Server Portal (OracleAS Portal) is a Web-based
application for building and deploying portals. It provides a secure,
manageable environment for accessing and interacting with enterprise
software services and information resources.

Initially /dav_portal/portal/ directory is being protected using basic
authentication. It is possible to bypass and access content of
dav_portal by adding a specially crafted cookie value in the http
request header.

Sample Request:

In order to construct a special http request first visit
"http:/site/pls/portal/%0A" url. This request adds special session id
into cookie. Subsequent connection attempts to
"http://site/dav_portal/portal/" will reveal the contents of directory
without any authentication.


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