RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Illegal Resource Reference Vulnerability Jul 30 2008 02:43AM
cocoruder (cocoruder gmail com)
RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Illegal Resource Reference Vulnerability

by cocoruder(frankruder_at_hotmail.com)


An illegal resource reference vulnerability exists in the ActiveX
Control of RealNetworks RealPlayer. For exploiting the vulnerability,
the attacker may build a special web page and entrap the victim into
visiting it, if the local system has installed RealPlayer, the local
resources (or any other illegal resources) will be accessed. This
vulnerability may assist in exploitation of other vulnerabilities.

Affected Software Versions:

RealPlayer 10.6 and previous versions
(other versions may also be affected)


Currently there is no details released.


The vendor has fixed this vulnerability, the vendor's advisory is
available on:


CVE Information:


Disclosure Timeline:

2006.12.19 Vendor notified
2006.12.20 Vendor responded
2008.07.23 Notified by the vendor that patch and advisory were coming
2008.07.25 Vendor's advisory released
2008.07.29 Advisory released


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