phpAdultSite CMS flaws Sep 07 2008 05:20PM
SmOk3 (smok3f00 gmail com)
Original article:

phpAdultSite CMS is a PHP-based content management system for a adult
pay site that fully supports MySQL. The code, layout, graphics of
phpAdultSite are consistent through every single page of your site.

It costs between $400 to $1100 depending on the license.

I found that this script is vulnerable to a couple of topics. After no
reply of this CMS vendors, send about two emails 1 week ago, I decided
going to full disclosure.

The problem exists on results_per_page variable. If it returns false,
it gives a DB Error output on our browser, showing up path disclosure,
sql statments that may lead to sql injections and also, it executes
XSS attacks.


type="text/javascript">alert(/XSS vuln by DavidSopas.com/)</script>

It can be fixed with the sanitize of the variable.

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