Firefox Privacy Broken If Used to Open Web Page File Oct 07 2008 08:32AM
Liu Die Yu (liudieyu com gmail com)
Brief from my Twitter:

The effect is exposing any location, incl your browsing
history(about:cache etc) 04:54 AM October 05, 2008 from web

Workaround: Do not use Firefox to open HTM/HTML - not from RAR package,
not from remote Windows share folder, not from local, etc. 04:36 AM
October 05, 2008 from web

Some details from my blog:

* Also works on Firefox 3.0.3
* Also works on Firefox 3.0.2


For Firefox, location is wrong when dot URL shortcut is launched by HTML
elements. Slightly variant from CVE-2008-2810 which is about command
line and only fixed in that perspective.


Complete details and demo are available at

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